Support Coordinating or Managing Life Stages and Transition

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What we do

We believe people are healthiest and happiest when they have independence and we support disabled individuals through different stages and transitions in their life. Moving into your own home means taking on new levels of responsibility and we work with disabled individuals to make sure they get the right support at the right time to be able to make big steps like this.

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What we offer

We offer short and long-term support focused on strengthening disabled individual’s ability to coordinate their own support network so that they can be independent at home and in the community

Equality Disability and Health Care Services

How we help

We all have different stages in our lives and for people with disabilities, these transitions can be particularly challenging. We work closely with an individual to understand the changes that are happening in their lives and the challenges this presents for them. We then work with them to develop a plan to support them through every step of their transition. This service includes support to find a new home that is suitable for their needs and targeted interventions to help them settle into a new home

We have decades of experience

Our decades of experience mean we can work hand in hand with individuals to help them tackle any obstacles they may encounter during their transition. Meanwhile, our widespread professional network gives us a unique ability to give individuals access to the right support and empower them to become more independent.

Equality Disability and Health Care Services