What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has given individuals with permanent and significant disabilities the agency to have increased control over their lives.

If you, a loved one, or a client have the goal of living more independently, then supported independent living (SIL) might be a great choice. Here at Equality Disability Health Care Services (EDHCS), we offer SIL to help individuals live as independently as possible. Individuals have the option to live alone or share a living space with others.

SIL offers 24/7 disability support to help with daily task guidance and skill development such as cooking, cleaning, self-care, meal preparation, household tasks, and social and behavioral skills. Assistance is also available with personal and social care support to keep individuals who choose SIL safe in their new homes.

How Can SIL Help People Achieve Their Goals?

The five key benefits when choosing SIL are:

1. Gaining Independence

It’s one of the most freeing feelings to move into a place someone can call their own. It gives them the opportunity—maybe for the first time in their lives—to make their own decisions and live a life by their design.

The trained and experienced EDHCS staff are there to support individuals in the SIL locations with personal care, daily life skills, household management, developing social and communication skills, and overnight support.

When an individual chooses SIL, they experience what it’s like to have autonomy and always have the safeguards of expert staff support available if and when they need them.

2. New Friends

SIL offers up incredible opportunities to make new friends that are similar in age and have shared interests. Specific SIL locations have communal facilities like shared kitchens, living spaces, and outdoor areas.

Living with others allows individuals to improve their social and communication skills daily.

3. New Opportunities

Moving to a new home is a significant milestone in a person’s life, and new opportunities come with such a move. Living in a new place offers a chance to reflect on what’s important and how one wishes to live their life. It also provides the ability to explore new hobbies, activities, and places.

4. Safety and Freedom

Whether an individual chooses to live alone or with others, EDHCS’s goal is to maintain a safe environment. When residing in SIL, there is the freedom for individuals to express themselves by decorating and arranging their living spaces and bedrooms how they want.

Staff will be on-site for 24/7 disability support to provide help for SIL members. The staff at EDHCS are highly trained in responding to emergencies and ensuring that every person is safe.

5. Nonstop Support

Living in a new place can be nerve-racking, especially when it means leaving the family for the first time. Being nervous about living alone, meeting new people, and experiencing new activities and places is perfectly normal.

EDHCS staff are always around to help develop new life skills and confidence needed when first living alone. Our staff is there not only to help with daily tasks but to lend an ear to whoever needs it.

Locations Available at Equality Disability Health Care Services (EDHCS)

EDHCS has several vacancies across New South Wales, and we can also help you find accommodation that meets your exact needs.


Our first vacancy is at 115 Flowerdale Road, in the heart of Liverpool. This house

boasts three brilliantly sunlit bedrooms and two spacious full bathrooms.

One will never feel crowded in this house with a sizeable living room, lounge, breakfast nook, and dining room. There are two separate fully equipped kitchens with recently updated appliances and a double-car garage

The covered patio makes this house fit for outdoor entertainment with friends or simply enjoying a quiet, sunny afternoon.

The Flowerdale house is only 200 meters from the local Liverpool shopping centers and schools. There are over 100 restaurants, four parks that offer walking and running paths, sports fields, basketball courts, and a leisure center

If you’re interested in this vacancy, please visit this webpage.

Dee Why

This SIL vacancy is ideally located at 45a Oaks Avenue in Dee Why’s shopping precinct and beachfront. This double brick semi offers two spacious bedrooms and one full bathroom. The open living area is lit with natural sunlight and complemented by a north-facing sunroom.

The rear patio flows into a luscious green yard to reinvent. There is also the added benefit of a backyard studio, ideal for anyone who loves art, crafts, and other outdoor hobbies.

The property is level, ensuring easy accessibility to all, and comes with 24/7 transport if needed. The Oaks Avenue house is only minutes away from Manly Beach, beach cafes, picnic areas, and shops. Dee Why is the perfect town for anyone who loves the beach, surfing, or whale watching.

If you’re interested in the Dee Why vacancy, please click here.


Our Ingleside location on Mona Vale Road has three incredible units available. Ingleside is a semi-rural suburb in the local government area of Northern Beaches Council and is only two kilometers away from the coast of Mona Vale

Unit One features new laminate flooring and inviting white walls to decorate and make your own. This unit has two bedrooms with built-in wardrobes and a spacious bathroom. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are a high-ceilinged open concept that makes it easy to spend time with roommates.

The living room opens to a covered sitting area through a large sliding glass door, providing an ideal space for relaxing on a hot summer’s day.

Unit Two is a perfect living space for an individual looking to live alone. The unit features new laminate flooring and bright white walls with loads of natural sunlight. There’s one bedroom with a built-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom.

The living space features an open concept with a U-shaped kitchen making it a perfect space to entertain family and friends.

Unit Three is a one-bedroom studio with a spacious ensuite bathroom and new laminate flooring. The kitchen is fully equipped with updated appliances, opening into an ample living space that can double as a dining room.

The studio offers a large, covered patio making it a great place to enjoy the nice weather and entertain family and friends.

Please visit this webpage; if you’re interested in any of the three Ingleside units, please visit this webpage.

Contact EDHCS

At EDHCS, we believe that living in a new setting can massively benefit the well-being and development of everyone we work with. It’s our mission to match disabled individuals with housing that suits their every need.

If you want more eligibility information, please contact us to find out if you are eligible and how we can work towards getting you supported independent living in your NDIS plan.

Visit our website: https://www.equalityhealthcareservices.com/ or give us a call at +61 0468 323 405

Visit our website: https://www.equalityhealthcareservices.com/ or give us a call at +61 0468 323 405

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