Participation in community, social and civic activities

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Our support

We support disabled individuals to engage actively in the community and take part in activities that promote their well-being and independence.

What we do

Connecting with other people is a crucial and enriching part of our life. For some people, this can be a challenge and we support disabled individuals by offering them opportunities to socialise with others and boost their written and verbal social skills. By spending time with other people, individuals are able to strengthen their communication skills in a patient, open and respectful setting.

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How we help

Our experienced and highly skilled team makes us one of the leading providers of this work.

We believe passionately in the power of taking part in activities that boost the well-being of the individuals we work with and empower them to become more independent. Our teams get to know the people they work with to understand the activities which will make a real difference for them. Our staff inspires and role models positive behaviors, empowering the individuals we work with and unlocking access to the community through a huge range of activities.

Our activities includes



Watching movies

Social groups

Going to church

Theme park visits