Transport for individuals with disabled

We offer help and support to empower disabled individuals to get around and unlock their independence.

Travel and transport disability services

What we do

We understand that getting from A to B can be a major challenge for some people, but having the confidence to use transport is a major factor in achieving independence. We make this process as easy as possible for the disabled individuals we work with. This includes support with driving, catching the bus or train, and empowering individuals to feel confident to use transport to unlock new opportunities for them.

Transport for disabled people

How we help

Our experience has shown us that unlocking disabled individuals’ ability to use transport is a hugely important part of their gaining their independence.

We work with people to assess the obstacles that are preventing them from getting around and then develop a targeted plan to empower them to overcome these.

Our experience and knowledge of working with many thousands of people with disabilities over the years mean we can provide the right support to empower individuals to get around and ultimately gain their independence.

The support we offer includes:


Transport for the disabled individuals we work with to allow them to get to school, appointments, see family members, go on day trips and take part in other activities.


Training and confidence-building on how to drive and use public transport.