Group and centre based activities

Social and recreational activities

We help individuals to spend time with other people and meet new friends by taking part in the community, social and recreational activities.

What we do

Equality Disability and Health Care Services promote group activities to help disabled individuals build their social skills, gain extra support from their peers and develop trust in others. By building connections in other areas of their life, individuals learn to feel confident in themselves and are empowered to make independent choices.

How we help

The value of socialising with others is a hugely important part of learning to live with a disability. Developing an individual’s social skills can be the key to unlocking their independence as they become confident to build their own friendship and support networks. We work with individuals to establish their challenges and any obstacles they face in meeting new people before working up a plan with agreed goals and a tailored approach to help them to socialize and meet new people. 

Encouraging and enabling

The individuals we work with are supported to meet and spend time with other people in a host of social activities. Encouraging and enabling group activity is at the core of our philosophy and the services we offer and you can find out more about how we incorporate this into our work on each of our service pages. 

Our group activities

Group and centre based activities

Public services

Like swimming pools, the beach, classes, sporting activities, travel, dancing, music

Group and centre based activities

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Group and centre based activities

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