Developing daily living and life skills

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We empower individuals

We offer training and development activities to support disabled individual to improve their ability to live independently. Our decades of experience and knowledge have taught us that empowering individuals with disabilities to learn these everyday life skills is integral to their happiness, wellbeing and ultimately independence. Our professionals are among the best in the healthcare sector at working with people to achieve this.

What we do

Living independently is fundamental to a person’s health and happiness. We work with disabled individuals to help them feel confident to take responsibility and make their own positive choices and we strive to empower individuals we work with to navigate their way through life.

How we help

Every individual with a disability has a unique set of challenges to overcome and our experience and training allows us to work with individuals to understand their needs and develop a targeted support plan to help them become more independent. We help individuals we work with get up in the morning, go to sleep and everything in between. Our teams support individuals with important every day tasks like shopping, cooking and keeping on top of personal hygiene. They also help the people we work with to develop important life skills like numeracy and literacy and communication and social skills – all of which are important parts of living a happy, independent life. We are also able to offer therapies to boost the wellbeing of the individuals we work with – including hydrotherapy.

High-intensity daily personal activities
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