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We are a disability service provider (registered NDIS provider) based in Sydney. We have a dedicated and trained team with more than 20 years of experience providing support to individuals with disabilities.

registered NDIS provider based in Sydney

Disability service provider in NSW

Equality Disability and Health Care Services was established in 2018 for the purpose of promoting equality in all disability and health care services. Our ambition as registered NDIS service provider is to spread this vision throughout our community. We believe that we can implement our experience, background, and knowledge through personalised and person-centered services where every individual is in control of their own life. 

Our agency is led by Sam and Macy, who both have extensive experience in the healthcare sector with specialisation in providing disability services, allowing us to focus on delivering the highest quality disability support every time. Together, we help individuals to achieve their goals, become independent, and learn new skills

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disability care services provided by a team with 20 years of experience
Registered NDIs provider - Disability support services in NSW, Sydney
Registered NDIS provider - Disability support services in NSW, Sydney health care services

About the founders, Macy & Sam

Support coordinating or managing life stages and transition

Macy’s story

Macy started her career in the childcare sector in 2002 in the Netherlands. Her vast experience in the healthcare industry includes over 15 years of working with children with functional needs, and aged care with a particular focus on Alzheimer’s and dementia, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, autism, complex needs, and high-intensity one-on-one services. She has qualifications in early childhood teaching and social work as well as several certificates in disability. The depth of her experience provides her with the best opportunity to pursue her true passion: caring for people. Having worked across a myriad of healthcare areas, Macy has garnered the valuable knowledge and skill to help and support the diverse needs of individuals. Her extensive qualifications offer a unique possibility of education for our team to grow and flourish together.

“I am passionate about supporting individuals to live their best life. My experience has shown me that with the right interventions, everyone can be independent, and this is most often the key to living healthy, happy lives. This is what we strive to achieve at Equality Disability and Health Care Services.”

Sam’s story

Sam’s experience in the healthcare industry ranges from psychiatric hospitals and working with children to high-intensity one-on-one services. He also has experience in the implementation of behaviour support plans. Working for over 20 years in the industry has provided him with a different insight into the impact of high-quality support. This has enabled him to create his own unique approach to assisting every person in their own way. Sam’s particular strength is with working with autism, children with complex needs, and challenging behaviour.

“Working in healthcare teaches you what is possible when we identify people’s needs and give them tailored support. At Equality Disability and Health Care Services, we always put the individual first. That means we can provide services which truly change lives.”

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To help you live your life the way you want, we can support you with our disability support services in the best way so you be as independent as possible in managing your everyday tasks and routines. we help you explore and engage in community-based activities you enjoy with our assistance.